Monday, February 6, 2012

The unbright golden place SSQ II garden forest pekanbaru riau

Ramzi smart travel | Sultan syarif kasim II garden forest | Tahura sultan syarif kasim II is a forest in the edge of pekanbaru city with a siak region.This place about 27 km from  centre of pekanbaru.

we can use a car or bus to reach this place through riau road than turn righ at the end of riau road . Than pass to palas by crossing a siak II bridge and in 15 minute we can find a "simpang bingung".than we pass line to street to medan an we will found a tahura sultan syarif kasim on the left side of the road.

In front of this forest region we can found the grass is too high and the garden is not beautiful because didn't cut for a long time.The colour of the wall of the wellcome monument is not bright as it too long to re painting.

we also can found too much the waste writing in the wall that make from many colouring word.We cannot found the customer service in a wellcome ticket area may be go anywhere.i don't know why.But the real condition we can see a personal who responsibility on this area.

And then we came in to that area we can found an information that explains this forest area is about 1.600 hectare.The tree in this Tahura ssq II much enough and more type of plant exist there.Part oh that tree has give name . as a latin names.But a part of them didn't have a name.

Actualy , this tahura have high potential to be a place that can to promotion to an international or local turism.This like a gold that didn't bright yet.

This must be remember by all of people in riau or espesially for a goverment of riau  to seriously and concent to build , development and service this beautifull place.Don't let it be loss from our interesting.

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