Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ongklok noodle : specific cullinary from wonosobo dieng

Ramzi smart travel | Mie onklok |onklok noodle is a spesific traditional cullinary from wonosobo dieng . this food consist a beef or chicken satay , a part of egg , vegetable and gravy but not liquid gravy its tendent to be a jelly . and thats why it be a specific noodle food and did not much a noodle cullinary have a jelly gravy.

a onklok noodle cullinary are ready to eat in one of small shop in dieng

chips made with fried its combine with a bean or shrimp

when eat an  onklok noodle in dieng 

queue in waiting of my order onklok noodle ....when it come and try its feel soft in a mouth and hot of course.

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