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Lawang sewu , an eerie old building with scary story that we must visited in semarang

Ramzi samrt travel | lawang sewu | one of the traveling destinations that we must seeing is a hystory place of semarang city is lawang sewu . A place that build when nedherland are government in indonesia . some eerie story are developed and tell to all of the guest or visitor about this place.some telling about gate , windows , old building and about story of the undel ground of this building when japanese army are siting this building and semarang some scarry place are hiding in this ground and ready to expose to the guest. are you ready to hear this...

nice ... this place is with a combine with black , white and yellow . it  think so scery and now we begun from the edge of this location .

At a holland period , this place actually used as a train office centre in semarang , so this place are know as under the indonesia train office . and manage by that office. we can see a ticket to entrence as the picture above.This locations is open from 07.00 am - 21.00 pm . when holliday time this traveling destinations are very crowded and full by people and so hard to take a car parking.

Take picture in front of this building and beside of the main road accurately at the tugu muda monument semarang.At the back of the hedge and gate are  ticket counter .

After order  and pay a ticket , at the ticket counter , we must take a right side way and if we want to know about the story we can used a guide to explain this place and also to help take a picture. to used a guide you can give variatif 40.000 - 50.000 its defend of the service and you happy with him.

this picture is take in the internal lawang sewu , some building is recent in renovation but anothers part are still in planing to renovations. this picture are take by a guide.

This legend of the gate in this building , where a picture is seem in line to the back as old architecture of the nedherland is nice to see.

Like a gate , this window also give a sensations picture when it opened this is can we found at the 2 nd floor of the lawang sewu building. Some of people are stand up at the back of the window and stand in line to the back.

At the under ground of the first floor we can see as picture above. This base floor are dark so we must bring a lamp battery but some lamp also stand in the wall of the base building . to came in to this based floor we must pay for 20.000 idr and to rent a pair of boat for about 20.000 , idr . We must used a boat shoe because this place are wet and consist a water untill angkle or heel.

for the first build , this based floor are funtions as a drainage but also as a cooling temperature to the first floor . So many watery box are build to save a water and make a cool temperature to the floor above.

as we can see a picture describe a good drainase that make form an iron pipe that connect one to the other.its terminations to the big pipe and and termination to the small river in the back of the building.

this hole are functions for one room to the others. so for change from one room to other we must pass to this small hole,

This room are at japaness agressor are build a table that functions as altar to kill many people who refuge , enemi and others. Some semarang heroic leader are also had loss in this locations. The altar table are now had open and nothing after indonesia independence at 1945.

This picture is describe a prison which build of the japaness imperial , where is the place are so narrow and the people are stand untill he is die when stand up in this place.So much place like this we can found . and this place are nothing in the nedherland government period. Until we are came to this place the door are break by the semarang people and government after independence of the indonesia.

Drainage from water from out place around the building , that it can come in to the based floor and part of it can drain to the small river at the back of this building.

an antique lamp are stand in the wall that function as a bright in the dark place and to see a place when walking in the based .

This building are see when we go out fron the base and walking back to the front place just right. , so green and head of the old train that parking in front of the place.

take picture in the train that parking in the front place of the lawang sewu traveling destinations , we hope you can see this place in the next moment and  next time,,,,tq.

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