Saturday, February 2, 2013

63.000 palito daun cake for 63th district kampar birhday

Ramzi smart travel | palito daun cake | when 63th district kampar birthday ceremony at islamic centre bangkinang , its listing to the muri record to make a tradisional cake specific from kampar . in the saturday morning also make jogging for all kampar people and gift some motor cycle and others.this ceremonies open bychief of kampar goverment .

A small green that seem so much above the table is a palito daun cake that spesific from kampar people and always sell a thousand IRD for one piece . its cake always consumption by kampar civilization and make from coconuts watery and wet red sugar than take in a banana's leaf that shape like a lamp.

All of this cake account is about 63.000 piece its similar with a birhdays of kampar district 63th . the goverment and kampar people hope that this activity can breaking a MURI record Indonesia.

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