Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dieng plateu theatre : a place where you can watching big part about dieng story step by step..

Ramzi smart travel | Dieng plateu theatre | a building that is function to promote dieng teritory , tour and travel  nature fasility , history of  dieng , agro productions and industry , accidental crater , a story of many temple , traditional food and art , museum , story about hair of the people , cold climate highland region. and others.It can you see in a package story in dieng plateu theatre in film shape for about 40 minute .

Big logo in front of dieng theatre

view from the dieng road 

Dieng plateu theatre from  about 100 metre in front of ttheatre building

When pay a ticket to watch a film , you must pay about 5 thousand IDR . This dieng theatre capasity is about 100 person so in the holiday time you maybe must queue to get a ticket.

When finish watch a film and go out from theatre 

some traditional shope are ready if you hangry post watching a film , some specials food that make from potatoes are ready here like fried  chips thin potates , hot chilli potatoes and others.As we know that dieang is biggest potatoes productions and agryculture in Indonesia.

one angle view from the dieng theatre place. 

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