Sunday, April 21, 2013

Across of Mahakam river , from tenggarong to opposite road to Samarinda,,,,

Ramzi smart travel | Across of mahakam river | As we know that a bridge of  highway to amarinda from tenggarong had break just a year ago.Its just a leave a fondations as an evidence that the bridge had exist in this locations. Many of story have been expose to the news paper and televisions but the true cause i don't know why ?. So we must across a mahakam river to reach an opposite way that near from mitra kutai kartanegara foot ball stadium. This is my first sensations when crossing a mahakam river by a small ships that can bring max for 3 car.

With a sinar pasific small ship we across from tenggarong ships terminal , actually a few ships are had prepare for a people in tenggarong by the governmen of kutai kartanegara . But this ships are must wait for 2 hour before star to accross. Its really for free and defferent with that we used , where we must pay for 25.000 IDR for a car.

As we seen that tenggarong city with a museum of kutai palace had leave far from us , and we must tell good buy for tenggarong and wellcome to the samarinda side.

Tenggarong side with a kutai palace as a background.A yellow water of mahakam river make a picture different with the the green or blue water in original and natural river that came from the mountaint. It yellaw water may be also describe a much mining activity in the upper stream side of the river.

And dark of the sky is describe that this time had came in to twilight and than change to night , so we must be hurry up our car speed to reach a samarinda city.

we just many time will port to the terminal in the opposite place to continiu our trip to samarinda, actually from tenggarong to samarinda only spend about 20 minute . But when the bridge was broken we must  adding a time for more than 30 to across this mahakam river.

Another way is back to the road when we came in to tenggarong but this ways is bad and spend more time to use this way , It may spend about 2 hour to back the way and use many oil and endurence that will make our body so tired.

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