Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bondy resto : one of seafood resto place that evidence high memory in brain place

Ramzi smart travel | Bondy resto | after go round in balikpapan travel destinations , minyak street , sayur market place and we are be aware that this is had pas mid day and our feel so hungry so we ask the frend and our balikpapan drivers they are recomended to eat at bondy resto. Its really except seafood this resto also stock a bakery , steak and others.

take a place in a main street of balikpapan city.

before eat a seafood we must choice a seafood whice we like and give a chef to cook and we can wait in the table.

situations inside of the reasto , we can chooce a sit place at open ground or a room with cooling set temperature.

As a coastal city balikpapan have many seafood stock and always ready in the freezer . so bawal fish , crab shrimp , jelly fish are always ready in this locations.

With a friends our surgeon community and family had waiting our order.

Big shrimp dried with chilli

chilli saos with a pineaple small cutting piece and others that call as manado specific saos maybe.

dry crab fried with sweet sensations and shrimp with margarine fried also we are order in this moment.

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