Sunday, April 14, 2013

Do you know : pekanbaru had a famous makassar cullinary that belongs of daeng gassing..

Ramzi Smart travel | sop chondro and chotto makassar In pekanbaru | this specials food is can be found in pekanbaru city in a sudirman street at opposite with a ratu mayang hotel pekanbaru. Its also not far from a main gate to sultan syarif kasim air port.This sop chondro is nice to eat as the original place in makasar at selebes island with a ketupat . But in pekanbaru we also can eat with a hot rice. this sop chondro is about 40.000 IDR for a cup without rice or ketupat and chotto makasar 28.000 IDR.

The resto place is still turn to the left if we came from an airport , may be about 100 meter pass a raod and you will see a bilboard and adv about name of the resto.

This is a local place call as ketupat , that can make from a coconut leaf and make with a traditional technic and then the empty place are fill with a rice and then cook in the big place that had fill with a hot water.That wait till it mature and cooling for a moment and then ready to eat.

This resto is belongs of a makassar man that call as daeng gassing whose had live in pekanbaru fo long time enought. Some guest had it in this place like Mr andi malarangeng , chief of indonesian pollice mr timur pradopo and many others.

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