Sunday, January 29, 2012

a news year in suntec city singapore 2009-2010

Ramzi smart travel | news year 2009 - 2010 | suntec city , In the centre road at suntec city on the end of year 2009 at 07.00 its begin a new year celebration with  sing

a song  and laser exhibion by a small rain which wet my dress.thats so beautiful to see.

In the day the suntec city is a mall who have 7 high building thats we can choice to buying what have found in a much brands name product.

 and in this night we can take a rest for a moment for relaxation with a multi coloring light thats decoration any place of the newyears celebration location.

We can reach a suntech city by walking alone because my hotel , Park view hotel is near from the suntech city . but if your hotel is far from this you can take a MRT thats its stations is near from this place.Or you can take a much taxi in to go to suntech city.

In a day we can prepare also to travel around of singapore by a bus or another traveller programing.

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