Monday, June 18, 2012

Bali sea walking shocking me...

Ramzi smart travel | Bali sea walking | enjoying the underwater panorama beauty in Bali waters by scuba diving or by underwater swimming is a common pastime, but walking on the seabed itself is quite a novice. Those not able to swim or to dive do not worry anymore. You can now realize your dream of being a sea-walker, the new tourism business product, has been the only one seen throughout Bali to enjoy underwater panoramic beauty

A sea walker should put a glassed helm of 35 kg weight, equipped with a cable line linked to an air-supplying compressor located on the pontoon of a floating ship. The helm weight will change into 5 kg the moment you submerge underwater. Just some units of helmets used concurrently to plunge once into the sea, used by tourists and for the instructor, a qualified diving master. The time needed to go around is about 35 minutes.
This is my travelling in Bali sea walking :

on the boat in trip to sea walker location

about 6 meter from surface of the sea

with some colouring fish in base of the sea . walking by a litle dispnoe

wow...very sofly fish..

drive a boat by feeling so good ,this is a nice exsperiance..


Anita Mac said...

Would love to travel to Bali and experience the sea walk. Looks so retro with the ancient scuba helmets.

BLOG Dokter RAMZI ASRIAL SpB said...

yes its a seldom sensation that we can found in bali