Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Malacca , a historical city with hang tuah story

Ramzi smart travel | Malacca historical city | Malacca is a city in part  of malaysia . This city is lies between kuala lumpur and johor,to reach malacca from kuala lumpur is about 300 km by a car or teksi about 3 hour

You can choice a highway road with pay about 10 ringgit one way or use a old ways thats free.

The high way in malaysia is so smooth for almost all of it street.the government always evaluated the broken road and do repair as soon as possible.

Its roads also make with very wide so the traffict is far from crowded or jam.that is so different from our country where is the roads is so narrow.When i try to ask to the driver , he tells thats this road is build by corporate out of government and make a contract for about 20 years and malaysians people then pay to this corporate for that time.And if this contract is  finish that hihgway will be back to the government and the malaysians people for the future will get free to pass aways after that.thats commitment of the goverment.

When arrive at malaka you will found a gate as a door to came in a heart of malacca historical city.

a wellcome gate that about 5 to 10 minute you had reach a city.In this city is did not crowded and much people from malaysia , singapore and Indonesia or others countries take holiday to this city.So when holiday volume of vehicle is increase then a work day.

This city is have hot enouht seasons , because this city is lies on the edge of the sea.From Indonesia especially riau so much people came to this city to purpose to traveling and general check up in health.With a plane transportation or with a ships that only spent time about 3 hours.

Malacca historical city is did not big city,but the town is clear and dificult for me to found a waste in so much angle of this city.

every peoples , every places , every angles and other thats make for promote tour and travel.Malaysians visite years is make so really and sure to vision of the government.

Promotion for health travelling from malacca is so much and high in indonesia some hospital is ready to receive with a smart servive for patient that come from indonesia.Actually the indonesian medical is not bed , but potential of travelling with health concept has induce the mind set to visite a malacca medical.This is must be interest for indonesians government.

Thats a few hospital has promote in indonesia give an excellent service with high medical tools fasility.

one of the hospitals is mahkota medical center.And as i know this hospital have a promotion centre in pekanbaru.

It so spectaculer the promote of this hospital but the malaysian government is support .How about indonesians hospital ? had we have promote our smart servise in malaysia , singapore or others countries.
In the high ways of malaysia so much malaysian car product like a proton have ro round and used by people of malaysia,He like a malaysian car product.but japanese product , korean product and others not have significant value.
The old building that had build by a england or holland few hundret years still preserve and maintenent by government and had ben an icon for malacca's travelling.

concept traeller trips and facility that support by government make some things that actually is simple and standart its change to be have a sell value by a tourist.

the red house , muzeum , ice cendol durian , hang tuah grave and others that you must see in malacca.

Christ church in malacca had build as a change of st paul's church that build by english people.

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