Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The secret hidden in bogor president palace that must visite

Ramzi smart travel | secret of bogor president palace | to come in to bogor presidential palace , you must pass away a gate and buy a ticket . A guide is serve for min about 10 person in one group.I didnot have frame about what is a consist of bogor presidential palace before . I just thinking about and military or army that stand in every place inside.

This is one place that you will pass away after you buy a ticket ,then you had be inside of palace.The garden of palace is wide enouh with a green grass and and much trees and also we can see a pool

sceneri beside of the palace

statue of a girl one of a few statue inside of palace

the palace see from the left side

the old furniture inside of main meeting room
\this is anothers statue

denok statue as write in the stone

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