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Singapore tour to be spectaculer new year

Ramzi smart travel | Singapore new year | The Merlion has a lion head and a fish body resting on a crest of waves. The lion head symbolises the legend of the rediscovery of Singapura, as recorded in the "Malay Annals". In ancient times, Singapore was known as Temasek, a Javanese word for sea.

Singapore offers you so much more than just fabulous food, exciting attractions and sensational shopping. With our excellent flight connections, rail, cruising and other touring options, visiting neighboring countries is a breeze! .

The Singapore Zoo (Former Singapore Zoological Gardens) is acclaimed as one of the world's most spectacular zoos. The use of natural barriers like streams, rock walls and vegetation to separate animals from visitors enhances the "open" zoo concept. Spreading over 28 hectares, it is home to over 3,600 mammals, birds and reptiles, including rare and endangered species.

The Singapore flyer, the world’s tallest Ferris wheel and almost all the nearby buildings, hotels, restaurants, and commercial and non-commercial buildings end up being the witness centre of celebrations. Number of live shows and concerts organized with local as well as internationally eminent arrests; create a magical atmosphere in every corner of Marina Bay. However, the biggest celebration moment arrives with few last seconds left for New Year. The large crowd, getting in concord, becomes a part of the countdown. As soon as midnight struck, the extravagant display of fireworks is set-off from the waters of Marina Bay, creating a magical picture of the Singapore sky and skyline.

singapore views from the sky

Beach lovers can enjoy exciting games and sea sports along the 3.2-km long sandy beaches stretching across Siloso, Palawan and Tanjong. On weekends, the beach pubs will spring into action as beach volleyball fans flock to Siloso Beach for their favourite game. In recent years, Sentosa had also gained international fame for holding some of Singapore's most exciting themed events like the Sentosa Sandsation (an international sand sculpting event), Black Moon Foam Parties, Zouk Out Dance Festival and Sentosa's yearly Countdown Parties right here!
The merlion in sentosa island

We have grouped the hotels by location of Singapore city.
If you are not able to find the hotel that you are looking for, it may be because the official name of the hotel begins with the word "The".on this way a live at beach street in park view hotel only a small hotel but good enaugh to life with my fam.

singapore happy new years

The Marina Bay area is the biggest party place of the New Year’s Eve. In fact, it is the major tourist spot for the evening, where people not only from all over Singapore but also from different parts of the world arrive, to be a part of the spectacular and biggest New Year’s Eve celebration of the Singapore. On New Year’s Eve, throngs of people mark their presence here, and it is really difficult for one to get into it. The nearby hotels and restaurants start making reservations few months before the New Year.

happy new years .....

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