Sunday, March 3, 2013

Semarang big mosque kauman : have an umbrella like a nabawi mosque madina

Ramzi smart travel | Semarang big mosque kauman | A great mosque in semarang that have history , have big open ground and high tower and we can reach it by used a lift.And see what the big hidden from the sky of semarang. have you see the big mosque from the roof..

Open ground in front of kauman mosque semarang . as a pray and travel destination . so big locations and full ceramic for wide floor and must be maintenence.

Big semisircular gate in front of the kauman mosque describe like a greek palace architecture make it mosque so specific and special

we can saw a top of rotation tower , where we can see from the inner gate with have an calligraphy of arabic langguage and arabic word as a result of semarang architecture.

view a tower of the kauman mosque from the curve of the gate that produce a specific picture from my camera.

view a parking area from the open ground that describe a geen parking area witha a monument an big beduk site as a receive every body whos come to this destination .

When near from the tower and see above that we can see so big and so high this tower and how about when we are stand up in the peak of the tower.heem so wonserfull and we can see as far as our eye scene city of Semarang.

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