Sunday, March 31, 2013

Gedong songo temple : history and traveling destination in semarang

Ramzi Smart travel | Gedong songo temple | it is an amzing exsperience about history , nature , and travel destinations that will be reach in the peak of the many hill where had a temple in every hill. We must thinking and must be tired to reach and see the bigest evidence of history , that we must used an horse to see all of the temple and i must thinki how difficult our grand-grand father and other had build it , how about technik to brings the material like , cement , stone and other to every tip of the hill . lets see it .

This is gate to locations of gedong songo temple

Near of the locations , so crowded and so much people take a holiday to this locations.

go to ticketing area , buy entrance ticket .

had 3 area to buy a ticket , this is different between lokal guest and foreign tourist.

For lokal tourist just for 7.500 IDR per person , but for foreign tourist must pay 50.000 IDR per person.

To see al of gedong songo temple which all of the temple amount is 9 temple that spread at many peak of hill.

If you have many time and have endurence to walk . it can we do by walking.

But if you want to used a horse , it will spend short time and save an energy to go to any others place.

I had used a horse in this moment and spend 50.000 IDR to see all of gedong songo temple.
And this is also defferent between local and foreign tourist.

This is a first temple of gedong songo

This is  gedong temple V , i think this is a highest place temple.

with riding a horse with back ground of  gedong VI

A crater we found in this locations , smell and smoke disturb my nose and breathing.

another twin gedong temple

another gedong temple

Gendong temple III

last gedong temple.

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