Friday, April 6, 2012

Bogor president palace , a green nature place in the centre of bogor city

Bogor is the city that lie in west java it is a city that stil remind as a cool or fresh season city althought the real condition is now the fresh or cool of season that more decrease because that increase of population human and transportation machine  like car , motor cycle and polution in the roads of bogor city.

Ramzi smart travel | Beautifull bogor presidential palace | To reach a Bogor city , we can use a car or bus from jakarta . As we know traffic from jakarta to bogor is so high . If a few year ago we can arrived in bogor about 1 hour, now may be about 2 or three hour.We have many choice road and hight way to go to bogor its depending where we stay in jakarta.If we stay in centre of jakarta we can use the non stop high way or we always call by toll highway.if we choice this way we must pay some money may be about IDR 10.000 .You just tell to the driver that you will stop near to the the great garden forest and Indonesian president palace bogor.

The Indonesian prasident palace is the old president palace that build before independence day of Indonesia. This palace use as a centre of government of indonesia while a Ir Soekarno as a president.And now this palace is some time still used by president as a rest place or to meeting or conference with a presidential staff or receive a foreign goverment.

This palace also to be an evidence of indonesian history to all of indonesia and world people.Addition again that the excistention of this palace also make a green and fresh climate by so much tree beside of palace that we call as bogor great forest  or" kebun raya bogor".That so much people from jakarta and other take holiday in this place some time just to take breath the fresh air in a day times by their friend or family.

Come in to the bogor great forest we must pay entri ticket but not expenive laa.want to try...

oh... yeah i forgot inside of palace we can see a hundrets deer and we can give eat this animal with carrot....that so nice sensation by a childrens.

this is the gate to entri to bogor great garden and buy a ticket..

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