Friday, April 6, 2012

Prambanan temple , the Indonesian great grandfather actifity

Ramzi smart travel | Prambanan temple | Prambanan temple  is a hindus temple that take a place in a jogjakarta city . this temple not far from jogjakarta may be about 30 minute we can get it location.You can use a car or bus from center of jogjakarta especially from malioboro street.To take entri this loction you must pay a ticket but it doesn't expensive.And you can see another wonderfull hindus temple that indonesian people own.

You can thinking about how can the old people can do like that.By used a hand made like a metal instrumentation he can make and change the shape of stone to be like this , it is so hypnotism to me.

It is a legend that Javanese people always tell about this temple. As the story tells, there was a man named Bandung Bondowoso who loved Roro Jonggrang. To refuse his love, Jonggrang asked Bondowoso to make her a temple with 1,000 statues only in one-night time. The request was nearly fulfilled when Jonggrang asked the villagers to pound rice and to set a fire in order to look like morning had broken. Feeling to be cheated, Bondowoso who only completed 999 statues cursed Jonggrang to be the thousandth statue.

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