Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kidzania pacific palace ; real life education for child in jakarta

Ramzi smart travel | Kidzania pacific palace | Kidzania   is a best place for childrens play in jakarta.This place is can found in a sixth floor of pacific palace in the thamrin street of south jakarta.

this place is also as a mall shopping centre.That we can found beside of Indonesian stock exchange building .

And andventage of this condition that both of this building is connected by the under ground connection than in the market time this connection way is so crowded.On the left and right of this connection ways is so much shop or place for eat or shopping.

After come in to the pacific palace building we can used lift to the sixth floor and we just walk about 20 meter from lift to the right way.

to get entri ticket we must queue in front of ticket seller place.The best time to plays inkidzania is at 08.00 am
and that a child have so much time to plays there.

So much playing place that children can do inside . That why in one day from morning until noon ,may be only a few play game that their can do and may bu must continiu for tomorrow.

The rice of a ticket for one childs is about IDR 300.000,- that for one day from morning until afternoon.

Before star a game like a daily life in the real time at home.The child give a capital for excample a hundred thousand rupiah.Their must get from a bank of kidzania.

Then with their money the children give education what their will do with the money ? loosing by shopping or they must save and adding their money by do work in many job that ready in the city of kidzania.

A children must be familiar and edcated with the real life with their money their can buy real food and and drink or other in the kidzania shops that ready in many place.

If their do working or job like as a cashier , fire working departemen , salon , As fotographere , as adocter or dentis ,a cleaning service and other they can pay by corporation or other.

and the money that he get by doing a job can used to shopping , driving , make a drive permit card etc.

This condition make a child studying and open mind about the real live that do every day in or out of home.

In this picture we can see that this child do as a painting wall of house with a real paint and he must do as good as he can doing .And she must do with safety clothing and other.

Don't remember that children also education to pay tax for nations every money that their receive.

this is a real place as dokter practice with stehoscope , bed , lamp and other that can be remember of a child for a long time in their memory.

this is a one part of this place that describe an open ground place in the night time.With a setting of building like in a real condition.

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