Sunday, April 1, 2012

An astonish trips to borobudur temple in jogjakarta

Ramzi smart travel | astonis trips to borobudur temple | Jogjakarta is know in Indonseia as a studying centre city,because much of university lie in this city like  an UGM , UII , UMJ and much other that have a best qualified.Thats why much a parent of Indonesian people send his or her child to get study in jogjakarta.

In this holiday i  spent my holiday at this place,and this time is my first trip here.As a indonesian people of course i want to know how about the jogjakarta city that i hear so big , so traditional and humanism.Lets we go there.

I go to jogjakarta by train from bandung , after take a congress of indonesian surgeon community in jakarta.With a few friends take trips to bandung for one days and continius to jogja by a train . as long as a trips we can see a beautiful dreams spent about 9 hour.but the time is gone by not so long because we can used the time with discussion by the others.

At 3 pm we arrived in jogjakarta and my wife brother had wait for us in a train station of jogjakarta.With my wife brother car we loking for a Ibis hotet that place in malioboro street.And then we check in to this hotel that we had book previously.i that this hotels good enouh for take a rest for amoment and then we prepare to go to borobudur temple .this hotel is beside of  a mall
so we can shopping and other only by passed on a gate inside of the hotel.And just walking a few minute you has arrive at the famoust street in jogjakarta that we call a malioboro street.

Tomorrow morning i go with my wife brother and my friend amin and andys fam.used a car.This trip just spent about 25 minute time to get a parking area of bororbudur temple.So much car parking in this moment so we must take some time to looking an empty parking area.

Then we take a ticket with paid about 20.000 rupias per persong as a entri ticket by queue for a 5 minute.

We choose used a ro-round car that will bring us for nearest place from borobudur temple.

Then in a nearest place we stop from a car and we must used a batik cloth or sarung in my body as we can see in a picture.The seasons in this day is soo hot so we must used an umbrella to protect our body from the sun bright.

After used a sarong so we can allow by uniform came in to temple area . Without this sarong we can't to came in a temple area my be this is corelation with a religion ceremonial.

I thinks that borobudur temple is so wonderfull and thats why it ever a 7 wonderfull place in the world.And i get vertigo to try thinking how my grand-grand brother can do and make this place,even less with a traditional instrumentation oh my god.

i had spent about 4 hour to take view and see all place and ornament of borobudur temple that i will never to forget that.

As an indonesians people i will be proud have a place lake this.We hope that all off indonesians people and world people will save and protect borobudur temple from any other power that will be brake its.

After that we take a down stairs that will bring us to the ground and back to the hotel .

As long as the back way that we can found much people that sell any tradisional hand made and specific kulliner from jogjakarta.That we can buy a tsirt or cloth that spesific of borobudur or jogjakarta in general.we can buy with so cheap price so we can buy in  much color , size  and shape.

Okay thats alot of my journal and trip to borobudur temple.and i hope we can meet in other travel tq bro...

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