Sunday, April 8, 2012

Singkarak lake , another lake that indonesia proud

Ramzi smart travel | Singkarak lake | Singkarak lake as  an indonesian proud is a lake that we can found in west sumatera.this lake is lie in the way from padang panjang to batusangkar county.the distance of this lake is about 65 km from padang city.If you arrive in minang internasional airport or MIA padang you can rent a car or bus to go to singkarak lake .you can take trip ti padang panjang and turn right to batusangkar.

if you go to singkarak lake you alsi can take a hotel for stay . and you can take a bath and swimming in a singkarak lake .

For people around singkarak lake they have life for more years and depend on a lake like take fish that a people say bilis fish that a fish just find in singkarak lake . And now this fish is so much exsplorated by people not only for their consumption but many they send to pekan baru , medan , jakarta and other for sell.

The fish drier by a sun shine for few day and then sell with price about IDR 50.000,- per kg.and this dry fish still good for long time.This fish is can be a special gift to if you back .

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