Saturday, July 21, 2012

9 turns shape the hypnotism place between pekanbaru-payakumbuh highway

Ramzi smart travel | 9 turns shape |The road between Payakumbuh and Pekanbaru. The provincial government plans to upgrade the later two roads over the next few years to improve traffic flows .May be in January 2012, the nine turn shape 970-meter long overpass was ready to be opened to the public and was in the trial stage which will be opened for vehicles in April 2012. Kelok Sembilan means 9 sharp turns is an area through which a road with tight bends passes through hilly terrain in the middle of a valley, a nice scenery, but cause congestion. After the overpass opens, the old Kelok Sembilan road is still open for tourists.

This is a newest picture that I  had  take on the way to bukit tinggi at july 4, 20012 :

Visite Indonesians years will be need after finished this project

combine new road and old 9 shape turns

old 9 shape turns from the above place

a spectaculer project to get tourist sensation , this picture take beneath of the skybright i think that so strong and make it so hypnotism

From below , it will be a tourism to the future , how about turism promotion

picture take  from the sky this is implicated the seldom hiding beautiful scenery that another angle to see 9 turn shape . I also remember a nine turn tunnel had exist in taiwan the turtuous beautiful place to see.

Destination from the sky

10 - 03 2014 on the lower part of kelok sembilan ( 9 turn shape ) at the edge of west sumatera and near from riau province. When we go to bukittingi from pekanbaru we spare a many time to take a picture in the rest area where many people take a rest beside of the highway.

on the day time
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