Sunday, November 11, 2012

Darma yudha school , one of the best school in pekanbaru..

Ramzi smart travel | darma yudha school pekanbaru | this school is place where my son and doughter get study . school that build with strong and glory and U shape with few open ground in midle and front of the school . some sport facilities and few must be a parking area.In this place darma yuda make it from elementary , yunior high school and senior high school.But for senior and yunior high school just for temporary and may be next years change to the new locations.

Darma yudha school  location is ihe left side of arengka road , near from riau street tampan payung sekaki.

From year to year darma yudha school make it existensi and leading as a nasional school wist full prestation not only in studying but also about , art , music , dance and others.

For more of three year much of school from many countries had came and visiting here like singapore ,south  korea and last is from malaysia. Every visite of the foreign school always make a cultural night and a parent of the sudent always invite in this ceremony.

For a student when studying , did not allow to bring a hanphone or other material which can distrub a studying process in the classroom.

many student when playing basket ball in the opening ground with the sport teacher.Thinking with a very much student some problem are minor of parking area so the entrance gate always full with a car that queue long for more 20-30 car so make it crowded.may be this situation need a solution of the management

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