Monday, November 12, 2012

Sacrifice cow and goat at musholla arramadhan when idul adha ceremonial

Ramzi smart travel | musholla arramadhan pondok mutiara | sacrifice of cow and goat when idul adha ceremony this year 2012 , six of cow and three of goat had sacrifjce by accredited member of pondok mutiara housing complex.Some actifity is increase in this place for this day . After ied adha pray we are all together will go to this place for a sacrifice ceremonial.

In this small mosque every day as a acredited member of pondok mutiara housing complex we always do sacrifice ceremonial . for every years some of the neat will distribution by official to a poor people that live around of this complexs allows of the chief of complex.

And some people had ro round in this small mosque , some bring a knife , axe , line and others , some others make a hole in the land as a place to cut and akumulations of the blood.and the other is cut a skin of the cow and goat and devided skin from the muscle , bone and some digestive organ.

Before do cutting , leg of the cow fixation to the wood and bring to a cutting place by that wood 

a cow is falling to the land and ready to cut

Some people a deviding skin of the cow and make it be a small part and head , digestive sistem and thoracal part are devided from the others

some people others are make a more small part and devided to be many group and take it in a plastic pocket and then will distributions to people whose must accept a qurban meats.

a few worker are busy with his job to devided a skin of the goat , it will do with inverted potition where the leg is above and head in below potitions.Its believe as the blood will go out so the meat is good and sweet in tongue when it cook and eat.

Head of a cow that is one of qurban animal that had cut and distribution, we hope that its spirit will get a good place beside a god amin.In islam it believe this animal is will be place in a nirwana of Allah. amin..

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