Monday, November 12, 2012

Baung fish Hot chilli acid , in pondok danau resto salo - bangkinang street ...nice taste

Ramzi smart travel | Baung fish hot chilli acid | is a specific food from riau . This food is a proud food of riau people and for the guest is hunting of food like baung fish hot chilli acid is some resto in pekanbaru or other is
place in riau.In pekanbaru we can found baung or patin fis hot chilli acid like H M yunus resto  at sudirman street pekanbaru , pondok baung st sudirman street too beside of awal bros horpital.At Bangkinang you can try pondok danau resto in salo village not far from bima sakti location.and selera A yani at a yani street bangkinang.

Pondok danau resto a place you can parking below of the big and high tree , so it be fresh and cool with a place wit semi open building that make from wood like a traditional house of kampar.

A gate to entrence way from the highway road pekanbaru - payakumbuh it take a place in the right side if we came from pekanbaru.And if you came from bangkinang city centre is only spend a 10 minute to arrive in this locations.

A place that we choice when invite to dinner in this place is famous with sit in the base or call as lesehan

A parking area that wide enough and some of vip person from bangkinang always seek to take dinner in this resto.

When discussion with a few of frends until waiting our order ready on the table.

Baung fish hot chilli acid are ready in the plate , so what are you waiting for ...

Mineral water with a special limited editions may be , with a reading sejuta melayu or a milion melayu , whats the meaning and purpose ? thingking please and give me idea....

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