Thursday, November 8, 2012

What is collections of siak palace that so hypno guest....?

Ramzi smart travel | Siak palace have many old collection | this collections is variation from chair , music tool , plate ,hand made ceramic from china , meeting room , and others.Actually a good maintenence of the team and government that make this old thing as a things that belongs of kings and family still exist and can we saw untill now.

Old music instrumen that kings belongs which is make and productions in west and  allow as west style are still shown and beautiful to see as a collections of the palace.

Variable of old cannon that this palace and kings belongs , it use to defense and war to the enemi which 
come and destroys this kings siak area.

some old music instrumentations else

some plate and fruit place that so beautiful and high value that make and older so spesific and especialy to the siak king from europe and china.

This is a old  long table and  few chair for serve a vip whose came visite to the palace.

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