Friday, November 2, 2012

How about KL Tower shape when view from a few place

Ramzi smart travel | KL tower | Tower that is build in 1991 and finished building at march 1995 when prime minister is mr mahatir muhammad when he was be a president of malaysia.This building is build in three phase that first is make an infrastucture of the nanas road and then second build a base and third is finishing of the tower.

The KL tower view from kl tower parking area , we can reach a sky restourant above used a stair or lift

view upper part of tower with blue sky combine with beautifull white cloud

view of KL tower from bukit bintang street in a day time with crowded car and people walking above.

KL tower from parking area ground . Highest of the antena KL tower from a land is about 421 meter or about 1381 feet.and a wide part  area in the more half of high place is about 355 meter .At this place is we can reach and see a kuala lumpur city from above.And meanwhile we saw a beautifull scenery of kuala lumpur we also reservation a restaurant to take a dinner in a place about 400 meter above land surface in malaysia.

KL Tower in the night time view from bukit bintang street with a beautiful light combinations so friedly with our eyes.

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