Saturday, November 10, 2012

New gate of main stadium riau ...

Ramzi smart travel | new gate of main stadium riau | this main stadium is finis after the sport national competitions is finish , but this building is continius to build till finish.This well come gate is prepare to Indonesian solidarity game that will be doing on midle of next years 2013.all of riau and indonesia people will be waiting and prepare this time and date. and of course this main stadium will be used for this party and ceremony.

This main stadium that take picture in the night time when i back from my office.with a various lamp and take place beside of the arengka road or sm amin road . Actually the ways to this main stadium is can pass away from about 4 way.But this gate is the big way if you will come in the main stadium area.When pon xviii opening and closed ceremony a presiden , vice presiden and all part of vip person is always used this gate away.

gate is shoot in morning time when i am going to my work place.This place will planning as a sport centre of the all of riau people . some of venous wild be buils in this locations.Wide area and road and others infrastructure had ready make this locations ready to build and be a perfect fasility of sport in the future.

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