Sunday, March 11, 2012

Batik wood an enhance handicraft from tangkuban perahu bandung

Ramzi smart travel | Batik wood | Batik wood tangkuban perahu ,This is an example of very nice handycraft that you can buy in tangkuban perahu this original from the tree that live and grow around of this location.

But this is must be attantion for the government to preservation of this tree because if this plant not be saving early it came make this tree will never found again in Indonesia.

Along the way from Kawah Ratu to Kawah Domas (about 1.2 kilometers/0.75 miles down) you will see beautiful landscapes, from a volcanic-rock track to rain forest pathways and, surprisingly, no mosquitoes (the locals believe it's because of the sulphurous fumes). You will also find people selling souvenirs made of "batik" wood and sulfur. At Kawah Domas, you can buy and boil eggs for a few minutes in hot spring water


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Ramzi Asrial said...

tq i will see it