Monday, March 5, 2012

A Japanese tunnel the horror history that left in bukittinggi

Ramzi smart travel | japanese tunnel |  japanese horror tunnel is now make by a goverment of bukittinggi city as place of tour in a west sumatera.Actually this place is made by a japanese military whose come with a gun and say that we are a brother before but then they make an indonesian people suffer and more then they killing the indonesian people.And this hole is a place of killing field an Indonesian people after they must do hard working to make a hole in about 50 meter from a surface of bukittinggi city.

Japanese tunnels found by the local community in the year 1946 with the frightening condition. Many human bone-callus in the floor into the tunnel along the alley. In thats year the government Bukittinggi city bury the bones and clean up the tunnel. Then the city government built up the tunnel and prepared its to become one of the historical objects in the city tour of Bukittinggi whith added some supporting facilities. Inauguration made by the Indonesian Minister of Culture, Fuad Hasan, on the on 11 March 1986.

It have a length of approximately 1400 m (725 m because it is partially closed in 2004, 2 m wide and height about 3 m. Meanwhile, to enter and exit the tunnel there are 3 main door and 6 emergency door. There are 3 doors in the main road of Sianok Canyon, in

the Panorama Park and on the side of the Bung Hatta Palace ( Triarga Building).

For now only one door that is used for the public, the doors located in Panorama Park, while the 2 doors and 6 doors emergency closed.

At Lubang Japang, you can still be found various types of equipment that leave by Japanese army, that used to torment the prisoners during the second world war. Equipment is stored in one of the lane that is estimated as a place of torture.
now we found much chamber as long as many ways inside of lobang jepang or japanese hole.and goverment had take a lump as long as the way that make we can see a condition of the japanese hole as near as posible.

To reach this location, you must go to Bukittinggi city. From the city of Padang to Bukittinggi, travel can be more or less for 2 hours by using general transport, with the cost around Rp. 15,000-Rp 20,000 per person (March 2008). After reaching the Bukittinggi city, travel can proceed with use city transportation to the location Lubang Japang. To anticipate your transportation, the tourists are encouraged
to use the travel service, private cars or hire car which can be directly to the tourism object location. Entrance ticket price is Rp. 5.000, - for children, and Rp. 8000, - for adults.

this is a few of gate to go out from the tunnel that made conected to the main gate , its describe that the tunnel is much branch inside so it made much way to go out from the tunnel if the enemi can entri to the tunnel.this gate is make near to the base of the sianok canyon.

another gate to go out from the tunnel which still prepare.

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