Sunday, March 11, 2012

Elephan village ( Kampung Gajah ) the enhance place in Bandung

Ramzi smart travel | Elephant Village | Elephan village is a village in distric bandung that have a cool season with fresh situation and high land from the sea surface.

This place is developed to be a tour place for a people that come from jakarta or bandung which needed to take a rest for one or two days at week end time.

In this location we can get a strawberry from the plant by used a scissor and than you must pay to the cashier for every kg you has get.

Elephant Village is a culinary tour, located at Jalan Sergeant Bajuri km 3.8 Lembang, Bandung, West Java, Java Island, Indonesia. Elephant village stands on 58 hectares of land and has had a development permit to 200 ha, is above an altitude of 900 meters above sea level, has a quite beautiful natural scenery and the air cool and fresh, this place is very suitable to serve as a tourist with family

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