Monday, March 26, 2012

Batu Malang best place in west java

Ramzi smart travel | Batu night Spectaculer | Batu malang destination  is a city in west java with cool temperature especially at night . this place is be a travel place to get holiday by a people in west java.Batu is a special place as a target to visite because the high land and have a beautifull place.

the distance of malang and batu malang is about 3 hours from surabaya by use car or bus.much people from surabaya spent this holiday time in this place.

As long as your travel you can found so much people and the also much kuliner or a spesific place to take food.likeof satay of  rabbit muscle and satay of goat muscle.

In batu malang have a place to be playing by childrens and kindergaten especialy at the night time because its open begin at 07.00 PM.especially in a saturday night so much people from surabaya city and other came here to spent the night.

this places name is BNS or batu night spectaculer.Playing in a cool night season is a special memory by a children.

As we know Malang and batu Malang is a place that famous with an Appel and grape fruit . We can find so much apple tree and grappe in batu malang and in Indonesia we always call as malang appel and malang grape.

And as long as the back way to surabaya much people also sell a apple crispy or apple fried.

and dont forget to see a lapindo place on the way to surabaya.

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