Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lake Koto Panjang as beautiful Hydroelectrical power plant in kampar

Ramzi smart travel | Koto panjang lake  hydroelectric | Koto panjang lake  is make by human for move a turbine of hydroelectric it mean this is not a natural of lake.but for a long times it saw as naturally.If you take a trip from padang to pekanbaru you will be pass away  this location .

Beside a function of the koto panjang lake as a hydroelectric its also increase a tours potensial because hide a beautiful scenery and also make increase an people economics income by  make a place of fishing production and maintenence.So this place have a mulplication function by kampar people espesialy and riau for generally

Koto panjang lake is located at Merangin vilage , in west bangkinang , Kampar regency . This location is about 88 km from pekanbaru or about 1 hour and 45 minute by drive a car.The view of koto panjang lake is so beautiful with amount of hill line with a various kinds of trees.All of area is about 12.900 hectare.Behind the dam of Koto Panjang, the landscape is dominated by the new lake. The level of the lake was originally planned to be at 100 metres above sea level. However, because this would submerge the site of the ancient Muara Takus temple, the level has been reduced to 85 metres

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