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Tangkuban Parahu a hypnotic cool highland in west java

Ramzi smart travel | Tangkuban parahu | Tangkuban Parahu subang west java is a best travelling place that you must try ti visit there, because this place is so beautiful with a cool climate and nice to take stay there.

 Tangkuban Parahu in the local Sundanese dialect is a dormant volcano 30 km north of the city of Bandung, the provincial capital of West Java, Indonesia. It last erupted in 1959. It is a popular tourist attraction where tourists can hike or ride to the edge of the crater to view the hot water springs and boiling mud up close, and buy eggs cooked on the hot surface. This stratovolcano is on the island of Java and last erupted in 1983. Together with Mount Burangrang and Bukit Tunggal, those are remnants of the ancient Mount Sunda after the plinian eruption caused the Caldera to collapse.

It's located in Lembang, 15 km from Bandung going to the North. it's non active volcano mountain .If used a car may be 30 minute from bandung . This location up trand way that we must use a 1 or 2 gear to drive a car and be carefuly when cloudly or rainny season.

Tangkuban perahu is an active volcano . it is located about 25 - 30 kilometer nort of Bandung through of lembang .The stunning panorama of the crater is mixed with a tea plantation area which appears like a huge green carpet covering those hills around the mountain .

In 2001 determined that Tangkuban Perahu has erupted at least 30 times in the previous 40,750 years. Studies of the tephra layers within 3 km of the crater revealed that twenty one were minor eruptions and the remaining nine were major eruptions

Once, there was a kingdom in Priangan Land. Lived a happy family. They were a father in form of dog,his name is Tumang, a mother which was called is Dayang Sumbi, and a child which was called Sangkuriang.
One day, Dayang Sumbi asked her son to go hunting with his lovely dog, Tumang. After hunting all day, Sangkuriang began desperate and worried because he hunted no deer. Then he thought to shot his own dog. Then he took the dog liver and carried home.

Soon Dayang Sumbi found out that it was not deer lever but Tumang's, his own dog. So, She was very angry and hit Sangkuriang's head. In that incident, Sangkuriang got wounded and scar then cast away from their home.
Years go bye, Sangkuriang had travel many places and finally arrived at a village. He met a beautiful woman and felt in love with her. When they were discussing their wedding plans, The woman looked at the wound in
Sangkuriang's head. It matched to her son's wound who had left severall years earlier. Soon she realized that she felt in love with her own son.
She couldn't marry him but how to say it. Then, she found the way. She needed a lake and a boat for celebrating their wedding day. Sangkuriang had to make them in one night. He built a lake. With a dawn just moment away and the boat was almost complete. Dayang Sumbi had to stop it. Then, she lit up the eastern horizon with flashes of light. It made the cock crowed for a new day.
Sangkuriang failed to marry her. She was very angry and kicked the boat. It felt over and became the mountain ofTangkuban Perahu Bandung.

when you stand beside of taangkuban parahu you will see the view and destinations like this , as you see so much people from many country is came here and be a sure that this destinations is a real evidence that give to the sunda people by a God.

on the same place view corner from above , with an up stair you can walk . more people and car parking in this area.

a white land in base of the tangkuban parahu crater is cause of sulfur and some time you can see a big white smoke flying in the blue sky.

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