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Waterfall from Anai valley , beautifull place in kayutanam padang panjang

Ramzi smart travel | Waterfall from anai valley | waterfall from anai valley is a waterfall that build a nature for about long time . this waterfall is place beside of the highway from padang to bukittinggi.with the tall of this waterfall may be about 60 cm and the wall that background of waterfall is a nature shape in black stone with a white water thats fall so high make it like dancing when the wind make move of the stream.

Anai Valley is placeed in Singgalang village, that  inside of X Koto district  in Padang Bukittinggi highway with a distance about 70 kilometers from Padang . Anai valley is famoua for its waterfall. silaing karing road , a beautiful train bridge , a river with so much black stones and others.

Beside of this place , we can found so much people sell various tradisional food like , karak kaliang , kerupuk sanjai , telus asin , and other that you can buy as a gift or to eat as lonmg as your trips.


Anai valley it self is a protected nature reserve area. In the shade of the forest there are some rare plants that once the main attraction of Anai valley nature reserve , one of which is the carrion flower (amorphyphalus titanum). This flower thrives in the woods. In addition there are also some dead flowers wood plants is the main attraction of this natural reserve areas, including Cangar, sapek, Madang Siapi-api (Litsea adinantera), cubadak / Cempedak water (Artocarpus sp), Madang babulu (gironniera nervosa), etc

There are also rare endangered animals, including Sumatran tigers (phantera tigris sumatrensis), deer (cervius timorensis), gibbon (Hylobates syndactylus), long-tailed macaques (Macaca fascicu-selling), monkey (Macaca nemestrena), pangolin (sweet java - Monica), deer (Tragulus sp), tapir, and lizards. 
This waterfall had close for a moment when earthquake in 2010 , its follow with growfall that make the place be crush or broken and it will potensial to be another growfall that will dangerous for people whose visiting and take a bath or swimming there.
After renovation and its bileave that situation of land around that place stable , this area then opening again for about 3 month after closing.

The highway in this area is dangerious because its land so labil and always take galodo or land and stone are turn down and make broken of the road,

Animals are often encountered by tourists as it passes through this area, is a long-tailed monkeys, gibbons, and monkeys. All three animals are constantly on the move to look for fruits that are in the forest area to the highway. In the meantime, to see the other animals that needed professional assistants who take visitors directly to where the animal is used to play and looking for food.

Except a waterfall In addition to these animals, Anai valley is also home to various forest birds, like eagles (accipitriade sp),  Balam birds (bolumbidae), pigeon birds, and quail. Hawks usually live on top of tall trees.

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