Monday, July 30, 2012

Ethnic Sasak in Sade Village Lombok , so nature

Ramzi smart travel | ethnic sasak | ethnic sasak from sade village in lombok is an exclusive ethnic that still exist and maintenance its tradition and house to stay. This traveller writting is make when we go to lombok on july , 10 2012.

Sade Village, is a small village inhabited by local tribe, Sasak ethnic group. It can be found in West Nusa Tenggara, in the island of Lombok, Indonesia. This particular village, The Sade, up to today, preserves its original traditions and cultures.So unique to see this sasak ethnic that maintenence its traditional live in the modern live around. and this conditions make sade village as a target of tourism visite and have sell value to visite and visite again.

Sade village is a village that take a place beside of the highway to the kuta beach lombok , a new  beach place that make nice sensation beach to swimm and scenery. This place is about 10 km from lombok international airport.And from this sade village you can through to lombok kuta beach in about 15 minute.Some hotel is ready in this location like novotel hotel and others.

Before come in to this village you must sign the guest book that ready in the guest table beside of wellcome gate.You can donation to the people here in no limitts donation or it depend on you in value.Than if you need a guide you can tell in front table people yuo can pay min about 100 thousand rupiah for one seasons.

One house where the local guide had taken us into. It was a normal-typical house of Sasak tribe. The house has no window with only one door in front of the house. It is to preserve their tradition of marriage. It is said that whenever a Sasak man wants to marry a Sasak woman, he should kidnap the woman and bring her to his village. Then the chief village of the man’s village should go to chief village of the woman’s village to declare the marriage proposal. So the wedding of the two Sasak people was conducted.

This is wide floor room where always used by a sasak ethnic to meeting for all purpose , meeting , problem solving that found inside of this village or others function.thats so simply , so natural and so traditional situation.its describe one part of our brothers in west lombok.

Houses made of wood, bamboo and hay with traditional hand made walls. Roads made of hardened clay soil. Floors made of lump mixed with buffalo excrement. I don’t know how they mixed them up, but it has no smell.Big part of lombok womens doing a traditional lombok woven product.

Old women form sasak ethnic make a line from cotton by a very traditional technic which can  do it  from her parent may be . They do its with patient , calm and very slow.time by time , hour to hour , day per day and so on .Cotton make to be line and line to be clothe and they she sell to the others or tourist whose visite nice live.

Its one session picture where a few of sasak house that still used by a sasak family and live , sleeping , cooking, and others in this house.It make from bamboo , wood , leaf and others.

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