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Gili trawangan island ; a paradise stay and beach for foreign tourist

Ramzi smart travel | Gili trawangan | Gili trawangan lombok  is one of three island that to be travel for tourism with a beautifull beach and nice place to stay . it so free and without security uniform . Only the tradisional of people that stay in the security of this area.So pure paradise for a tourism whose stay in this island .

Gili trawangan is the biggest from three small island or always call gili that take place in the west side of lombok island . Anothers gili is gili air and gili meno. Trawangan is also the only one of island that have a significant enough of higgest the land equals by the two else island.This island is long about 3 km and wide is about 2 km.Populations of trawangan island is about 800 people.From the three island trawangan is most variations in fasilitation for a tourist.

Foreign tourist is so likely and so much live and stay here , and some time they also have a business in this island like shops , rental and others.You can swimming in the so clear sea water and beach , you can diving , snorgling and playing in the beach.You can also use a rental bycycle with only 20 thousand rupiah.for bycicling around of the island.Much of food and drink are ready here.That so heaven , so paradise so dream island.I can tell others but you can try it

to reach a gili trawangan island , you must used a boat or others in this case we used a medium boat for more 20 passenger with pay about 800.000 rupiah. this trip spent about 30 minute is still in lombok land it can see how about sea water it call you to swimm ? ok lets go...

on the way to the gili trawangan island , our group is a surgeon from another region of the propince in sumatera indonesia , lake from aceh , riau and medan  with family.

funny foreign child had been playing in white sand beach of gili trawangan his sister and his mother take a bath in clear and two colouring of sea water.than their will relax in a white sand beach and allow her skin expose y the sun shine untill change to be brown .  Skin with brown colouring make her happy and proudly because have been arrive from a beach of tropical country.

The beach of gili trawangan with the road at the edge , cafe and shops as long as the beach and white sand beach with much three , boat and relax sits , sea water thats clear , and have two colour , view of lombok island and full sun rise access make this island is very perfect place and destinations

This is one of much part of beach in gili trawangan island than so beautiful to see and so naturally,a blue sea water make me dream to be come back to gili trawangan.

a foreign tourist bycycling around of gili trawangan island , by rental price in about 20.000 IDR you can bring a bycycling for 1 hour .

Cidomo a traditional transportation in lombok generally and gili trawangan especially is familiar for tourism used to trip around an island with only cost about 100.000 rupiah. When it deal you can trip for only 4 persons max.

At gili trawangan and others , nothing motor cycle or car , because local law not allowing.So for local transportations thats always used is bycycle and cidomo that locak people rental for a tourist.

Gili trawangan also have green saving about a turtle conservation , you can also donate to this conservation

Turtle is cannot touch but you can take picture of the turtle

One of the turtle that conservation here

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