Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Old tombstones inside st paul's church malacca , a historical story

Ramzi smart travel | St paul's church St paul's church malacca is a church that build by portuguese captain that called duarto coelho in 1521 M when the portuguese colonize the malacca land.The church is called nose senhora and take renovation untill 1590.Then the malaka colonize by dutch and this church is still used by governmen in that time untill more then a hundred years and the name of the church is change to st Paul's church . And while the others church finish build below of this church.that name the church christ , this own church finish build at 1753

The st paul's church is lost or broken when british is come in to the malaka , it did not used the church to pray and  used to be storage the gunpowdered.British also give name the flagstaff hill.

old tombstorm found inside as a rest of dutch and portuguese that make as a art stone by cave that exsist for a long time .

This is a monument story that make in front of this old church by malaysian government.

A few of old tombstone as high value art and it potention to be a travel purpose in the future.

A few plate stone than standing in the wall of the church

one of the room inside of the church

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