Saturday, July 21, 2012

Menhir from guguk village a real historical story

Ramzi smart travel | Menhir from guguk payakumbuh | As we know when studying in senior hihg school , that menhir is a simple stone which always came from neolitikum period 6000/4000 years before masehi - 2000 years before masehi. That standing in the ground or land.Its come believe as a keltic langguege  , Which men is mean as stone and hir means as long. Menhir is always simple but some time make as group in line above a land.Its thinks that menhir is make by the old people before as a symbol of vertile of the land and some time use to purpose of pray.


if you have time to traveling to payakumbuh , you can take a trip to suliki county . By used a car or motor cycle from payakumbuh city take a turn left from a red lamp. may be take about 45 minute on the right side of highway road to suliki you will found a baliho main name menhir guguk . that did not dificulties to found this location because this take a potition beside of the main road to suliki.

a group menhir that in line position 

a simple menhir

a motif of main menhir in guguk village suliki

position on right side of main road to suliki

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