Sunday, July 22, 2012

"Batagak Datuak " a traditional ceremony from nagari Koto Gadang

Ramzi samrt travel | Batagak datuak | Batagak datuak kotogadang is a traditional ceremony for minangkabau people.The purpose of this ceremony to choose the leader of the group people allow of its marital from mothers .Its ceremony make a big party and give eat for all people in this village for 3 or 4 days with give donation 1 buffalo This buffalow after before cutting make walking to all of around village.And then after cooking that call as kancah cooking it will give to all people in this village.

This is one of Batagak datuak in koto gadang village bukit tinggi that perform at 4 july 2012 . It will do party batagak datuk for 2 group / suku. It can see in a few picture below :

 a traditional koto gadang dress

head of buffalow as a symbol of batagak datuk in minangkabau

a gate and flags of location ceremonial party

'makan bajamba' is eat for about 4-5 people in one big plate with list of food first is" Gulai kancah " , its so delicious food

throw coin money to the young people

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