Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hard rock cafe singapore ...entertainment place in.orchad road

ramzi smart travel | Hard rock cafe singapore | When stay at orchad hotel singapore we found a hard rock cafe singapore seen from orchad street singapore.with a nice decoration lamp and strategic place which can see from an orchad road make this place so familiar and easy to reach from many place in singapore.So for the people whose hobbiest and like hard music this place is can be as dreaming place to spend a time especially in the holiday or saturday night.

some car are come and go from this place , get and out a passangger from a car or a taxi , a people from many countries are always see in this place.

Accurately the hard rock cafe is stand up at cascade road singapore with many memorable collection from elton jhon , bob dylon ,elvis presley , steve vei , jimmy hendriks experience , the door and others. some menu are ready for you here legendary burger , sandwich , starter ,salad , dessert , rock the wok and many others.

in front of a hangging car at roof of the gate to hard rock cafe in the morning time.

This place is different situations in a day and at night moment.This place not far from orchad hotel mall and padang food lucky plaza , hilton hotel .

HRC is also ready in the sentosa island , but the first and the old hard rock cafe is in cascade road .and now both of the HRC was developped .

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