Wednesday, October 31, 2012

KLCC twin tower snap shot moment , night and day different

Ramzi smart travel | KLCC twin tower snap shot | view KLCC twin tower in the night and day is have differen sensations because in the night much of lighting is influence picture product camera but back ground is black or dark.In day time fungtions of light is take over by sun light but back ground of the sky make it different quality with a different shape every shoot.

In a night time its only view a peak of the petronas twin  tower,light is make is sensation view with same combinnations light for both tower.

Twin tower  with same level lighting combinations

View from opposite of the klcc ground

A small like in the opposite view of KLCC with a hight building , make this place have double panoramic view for hunting photography.

In A day time twin tower building is same with the others building

Combinations with a various shape of the sky make it be a specials moment in the day

Picture catch from a far place

From this place it will be call as " quarter tower " in the cloudy time

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