Saturday, January 21, 2012

Annur biggest mosque religous in pekanbaru city

ramzi smart travel | Annur mosque | biggest mosque in riau | beautiful mosque | A great mosque an nur Riau is lies in a center of pekanbaru city , or beside of hang tuah street.This mosque with a good arshitecture thats describe this egality.This mosque also have much fasility as an islamic centre and available a nice and wide garden .

Its in before the name of this mosque doubt both Mesjid Agung An-nur riau or Masjid agung An nur Pekan baru.Bur this time as decided of government of riau station it name  become Masjid Agung an nur Riau.And place in a center of pekanbaru city.

Facilities of Masjid Agung An nur pekanbaru riau :
1.First floor of the mosque is a place of mosque management , a study centre of islam and second floor is a
   place to pray.
2.Available a free wifi without password for all people .
3.Have a very wide parking area
4.The place some time available a place for playing or sporting for people at noon

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