Saturday, January 21, 2012

Indonesian National Sport Competition XVIII th in the Riau Main Sport stadium

Ramzi smart travel | main stadium PON XVIII | stadium for opening ceremonial | best stadium in indonesia |This Riau football stadium will be the main stadium at Indonetians Nasional Sports Competition XVIII th on this year . This competition is playing in pekanbaru riau and other city and town in riau.This stadium future will be the second biggest stadium in indonesia.The stadium lies around of riau university panam .

City : Pekanbaru, Riau
Building: Begining at 2009
Place : It will be a home base stadium of PSPS Pekanbaru
Capasity : 43.923 chairs
Type of Stadium : A
Tribun : A
chair : A
Fasility :A
Grass : A
Drainage : A
Lighting : A
Boarding score : A
Main stadium build in  80 hektare area.

The stadium begin to build at 2009 as a place to playing Indonesia National sports Competition XVIII th in riau 2012.This stadium is the first even of this competition.By the modern arsitecture the stadium will be the best stadium in indonesia.Anoher even will be prepare this stadium for world soccer even on 2022 .we just hope like that.

The main stadium is build in a 80 hectare area . Where also will be make onother fisical infrasructure of the main stadium.Govermen also planing to make an outer ring road around of Riau University area. This road in the future will be conected between HR subrantas road , SM amin road , Sukarnohatta road and garuda sakti road.

If prepare and renovation of others venues that buil in a level of riau or in a level of city its may be didn't have any problem its deferent about main stadium that will be a place to open and close ceremonial of Indonesian National Sports Competition XVIII th in riau 2012.

The competitions will begin at  September 9 , 2012 .

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