Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tin museum pangkal pinang ,the only one museum in Indonesia

Ramzi smart travel | Tin museum | only one in indonesia | tin museum is one museum about development of tin mining in indonesia.This museum is describe how about development of indonesians tin holding in pangkal pinang bangka belitung.If you go to bangka belitung i suggest that you must see this place .

This museum is located in  Janderal Ahmad Yani street no. 17 bangka Indonesia. Before becoming a museum this place is the house where company employees live BTW (Bangka Tin Winning). The museum is a place of leaders negotiations with the Dutch Republic and before the negotiations UNCI-Royen Roem. This house is now a museum Timah Indonesia Indonesia (August 2, 1997) and here will know how historical developments of tin in Indonesia.

this is a front view of tin art museum bangka

this an  old instrumentation to mining of tin than we can see in front of tin museum bangka

this is one of any material that minning from land or under the sea of bangka island

a picture of first presiden of republic indonesia when visited to tin fundation

a minning ship in the sea in proses to bring up a material under the sea.

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