Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tongging : another destinations of toba lake view

Ramzi smart travel | Tongging | tongging village | toba lake | That is true , a beautifull view of area that leave by three part of people like Karo , Batak toba and Pak-pak.still alotof people whos know this area.Especialy a domestic tourist

A county that lies about 42 km from a brastagi town,only as a beatifull place for travellers.But 2 years later this place also developed as an aerotravelling and water game.

So spend our weekend in a tongging county , merek
Kab karo have a great magnetic , because this county that lie in a north of lake toba , hide a potential nature place to exsplore and view.

traveling to tongging its doesn't dificult , espesially for a local tourism.For a tourist than did have an own car You can trips by a bus fro a bus station Pinang Baris Medan to Brastagi town or Kabanjahe city about ten thousand rupias.

Then you can continiu by small bus to tongging station from berastagi with only Rp10.000 per person.
And then you enter to the tongging area with buy a ticket only Rp 1.500 and you can see a beatifull place and water fall sipiso-piso.In this place also have a losmen or hotel .

Chief of tour and travel karo uniform had told that amount of tourist had visited to tongging is about 89.845 people at 2007 , 102.200 at 2008 and 116.042 at 2009.this describe the up trend every year.

Otherwise for the karo government all of people have a same mission to increase a palce of tongging as a one of place aerotravelling. Because this place is thinking potential enough to make it.

For last week we are had made a game party that plays by about 81 people thate give name by Sitopsi open its mean Sipiso-piso.Tongging , Paropo , and Sobolangit.

There is plenty to see and do; the biggest waterfall in North Sumatra, traditional villages, swimming, walking, trekking, kayaking and more. Besides that, Tongging has a strategic location in between other destinations and theefore a nice and practical stop over, for example if you go from Medan or Berastagi to Pulau Banyak.

A place that commond and easier to get in view of toba lake of course is Parapat,and other place that also nice is Nainggolan , samosir , Pangururan , Tuk-tuk , Tomok , Tele , etc.Actualy a picture of tongging is very beautifull but if we go to tongging and saw a place thats is really,really beautiful.

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