Sunday, January 15, 2012

Siak palace a great history of riau

Ramzi smart travel | Siak palace | sultan sarif kasim II | siak bridge |To see a building of old melayu the siak palace we must driving from pekanbaru city about 4 hour pass away a siak river until siak sri indrapura town.

the siak palace is alse called asserayah hasyimiah had build by sultan syarif hasyim abdul jalil syaifuddin at 1889 by arsitech from germany.Architecture of this building is mixed of malay , arabic and european architecture.It made with 2 nd floor,at first one used divided to 6 meeting room.waiting room , vip room ,mans room , women room.and a small meeting room just for internal meeting.and some time use for party.2 rd floor is used for resting of kings and family or very interesting person.

before came in to siak city pass away to a siak bridge

before came in to siak city center .  pass away to a siak bridge

siak palace from out of edge

view from the garden

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