Thursday, January 26, 2012

Naang Hill bangkinang ; best playing ground in bangkinang

Ramzi smart  travel | Naang hill | spectaculer outborn | Naang hill place is an areal of place where is the first family weekend place in kampar region with fresh air and beatifull place to visiting.Its lie about 8 km from a center of bangkinang town.This naang place have a flying fox area that longgest in sumatera.

when driving a small bike with my son , this track is know still wet and full of sludge that make my shoe and blue jeans dirty . this playing game price is 80.000 IDR for 4 time rounded.

You also rental a horse to ro rounded about this area . that have special sensations for my son , i must pay about 45.000 IDR for one times rounded of this area.

Flying fox to out born in naang hill is believe by part of people as a longgest tract in indonesia , i am not sure but when a see a difficult proses to reach a starting place i am to affraid take it , so did not try this track.

A pool with any game especially for swimming , playing bom-bom car , unique water bom , and others make this place more good enough to bring your sons and your dougters.

This place actually can be a better place if management more increase a fasility , Promote more high , vernment and recruitmen and add an investor and goverment to make it more and more in quality and service for a consumers.

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