Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sekupang harbour , its different with our memory for more 10 year before

Ramzi smart travel | Sekupang harbour batam | Its the old and first terminal in batam . I had arrive from this ships terminal for more then 10 time from all of our experience.A big ships like kerinci , rinjani and others had parking more and more in this terminal.This terminal is so crowded that i had know . But this time it seem so familiar , calm and clean.Make it different with my old mind and old memory.

To across to the singapore so much people from indonesia are choice came in to singapore from the sea , with a ship is make any sensations.Some harbour or terminal can used with many ships.Some terminal are exist in batam like a sekupang harbour in sekupang , batam center harbour and harbour bay near from the nagoya.

escalator in the sekupang harbour terminal

sekupang terminal from parking area view

ticketing area of the sekupang terminal

sekupang terminal from the sea view

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