Monday, December 24, 2012

City sightseeing route a low cost traveling in singapore

Ramzi smart travel | City sightseeing singapore | we had expose a Original-tour-singapore  as an alternative traveling in many place in singapore and now we will information about another tour package travelling that call as a citysightseeing. Some place will can you see in one route with 23 $ singapore for adult and only 13 $ singapore for junior . And this time 1 $ dollar is similar with Rp 8100 ,-.If we used a taxi for only one place you may pay in about 12 dollar singapore.This traveling is 24 hour for one ticket.

The route is :

1. Suntec hub

2. the flyer

3. Marina bay sand

4. Fullerton

5. Asian Civillization Museum

6. Peninsular Plaza

7. Clarke quay

8. Miramar hotel

9. Great world city

10.Tanglin mall

11.Botanic garden

12.Orchad hotel

13.Marriot hotel


15.Orchard plaza

16.Rendesvous hotel

17.Singapore art museum

18.Rafless city and hotel

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