Saturday, December 8, 2012

Jongkee fish soup , a famous sensations for the kuliner hunter

Ramzi smart travel | Jongkee fish soup | a special and famous soup in batam , when stay and transit in batam i just suggest for did not forget to visite this jongkee fish soup . Some people say that we didn't arrive at batam before eat in this soup may be.

When arrive at this place at 16.00 west indonesia time , we are so hungry and need a fast food . so we ask to the stewardress of this restourant and tell that fish soup is a ready fast food. so we order for mera than 10 plate with rice.

I don't know maybe cause of too hungry so we eat so ravenous and much of course in afew minute all of the food are empty from the i feel it save many time to start our travel planning before.For many else i saw is also like that and i have to one conclusions that this soup is so especially as it exposed in the front wall.

Waiting for an our order a delicious fish soup batam

after eat plate and glass are empty change place to the gaster

The owner of the jongkee fish soup batam

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